PDiff Express - PDF Diff App Reviews

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Constructive Criticisms

I just bought the application and have the followng comments. It worked very fast on my documents (all less than 10 pages) The comparison windows (lower two panes) do not show images or figures, just text. Would be great to show figures as well in a standard Reader format. The comparison documents and the diff engine ignore Notes (or Comments). It would good to have a Prerference to include Comments and Notes in Diff and document views. It would very useful to be able to output a Comparison PDF with differences in the documents 1) highlighted or 2) as Notes or Comments.

It does work

It appears to be doing more of a spellcheck than a comparison. However, it does show that 2 PDFs side-by-side, and when a PDF is searchable you can select the word on one side and it will highlight the same word on the other side. Is it pointing out only differences? No. It seems to like to highlight things are misspelled. It does do a fairly decent job for the price. I am not disappointed. Would be nice if there was one forward and backward button that would move both pages together.

Failed miserably on the first document

I had hand compared two 150 page documents and wanted to use this utility to see if I missed anything. There were literally less than 100 words of differences, and this app couldn't even match the appropriate pages, even though the first 20-30 pages were *identical.* Ugh. I'lll be asking for my money back.

Too slow

Too slow in too many ways: 1. just takes a lot longer than competing software to process PDFs 2. Makes me wait after dropping a file instead of analyzing in the background 3. Doesn't support the usual file > open interface, which is awkward 4. Doesn't provide a way to skip from one diff to the next—I have to skip over many non-differences and be sure I didn't miss anything The view of the differences looks pretty good; the app has potential if they fix the UI issues mentioned here

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